Coolvu Window Film: Protect Your Privacy And Your Windows

Coolvu Window Film: Protect Your Privacy And Your Windows

While transparent windows have become a common sight in all homes and offices, it becomes quite troublesome when one wants to maintain their privacy while also not covering the sunlight coming through the window. The best solution to this is to buy CoolVu window film that covers the window with a translucent sheet.

While many office partitions or glass walls cannot be covered with curtains or other alternatives, such films for windows or transparent glass can be used to not only maintain one’s privacy but also protect the glass itself.

Benefits of CoolVu films

These films can be used for any glass surface and are available in a variety of sizes as per the need of the client. As mentioned earlier, these window films are translucent shields that cover the glass surface to prevent one from seeing through it. This can help one protect their privacy while not covering the whole of it with a curtain or something opaquer. In addition to that, it gives a professional finishing look that can be used for both house and office decorations.

The films also act as a shield that protects the glass surface of the window, doors or walls from breaking and getting dirty. CoolVu film comes in a variety of sizes, thicknesses as well as different shades and designs. Thus, one can protect their privacy and the glass windows while decorating them with beautiful and aesthetic films.

Since they are waterproof as well, one can use them in their bathroom and their shower glass doors to create a translucent shield to protect the privacy of the one taking the shower while also keeping the glass door from having water stains due to the shower water splattering over it.

Furthermore, by applying films on windows, one can also efficiently insulate the room and seal the heat within the room from preventing outside, which is quite beneficial during the winter. Even in summer, it can prevent the cool air of the air conditioner leave the room.


In the end, window films can prove to be extremely beneficial to protecting one’s privacy that could be infringed through the transparent glass windows or walls and protecting the glass surface itself from stains and breakage.


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