How to install wallpaper decorations on your wall?

How to install wallpaper decorations on your wall?

The wallpaper design is used to improve your home’s design and make it look attractive. You can purchase wallpaper for your interior at wallpaper singapore. There are steps to install the wallpaper at your home.

It includes

  • Clean the surface
  • Measure the dimensions
  • Align perimeters
  • Sweep downward
  • Remove air bubbles

Clean the surface

Wipe off the wall surface where you wish to place the wallpaper. Avoid the concealed dirt on your wall before pasting; the dust on your surface can produce bubbles in your wallpaper later.

Measure the dimensions

Ensure the correct length and breadth of the wall surface that you wish to install the wallpaper Singapore. If the size is mismatched, then it causes free gaps or excess area on your surface. Measuring the dimensions helps to make the home appearance attractive and also helps to save money by making purchases at the required level.

Align perimeters

While pasting, make sure all the corners are lined up with the paper with a self-adhesive style at your home. You can paste it on the back or directly on the surface, depending on the paste material you choose.

wallpaper designs

Sweep downward

Once the top edges of the wallpaper are placed perfectly, start sweeping downward with the help of a sweeper that helps it stick to the surface of the wall.

Remove air bubbles

After sweeping, the wallpaper must be pressed against the surface of the wall. Applying enormous pressure to the surface helps remove the air bubbles present in the wallpaper. If the installation is left with air bubbles, it spoils the look and lifespan of the wallpaper.


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