Identifying the Construction Deficiencies with Reddy Kancharla

Identifying the Construction Deficiencies with Reddy Kancharla

Any work of construction surely has some deficiencies and defects, but they can barely be recognized. They may not be very major defects but they could be significant ones. It is thus that Reddy Kancharla a civil engineer by profession for more than 25 years feels the need to identify those defects as quickly as possible. This will help avert bigger problems that may arise due to those defects.

Once these are identified correctly, the next step will be to make a note of them and ensure to avoid them in the future projects. Some of the most common types of defects found in construction are primarily related to design, material and craftsmanship.

With regard to design, the designer is often found to fail and have everything properly and accurately documented. It does not seem to be well-organized. This in turn leads to errors being made in the design itself owing to omission. The errors of these designs, says Reddy Kancharla can be corrected by a redesign or replacement of the current design. The omissions however are eliminated with the help of change orders which expand the scope of the contractor.

Faulty materials are a very common part of the construction industry and one defect that could have damaging and fatal effects. The use of such materials could be very risky. In most cases, the manufacturer is aware of these defects but those using the material are not. This is where the problem begins as the material gets incorporated in the project unknowingly. One big disadvantage of this is that once this flaw is detected it involves a lot of investment both for labor and for replacement of material.

Reddy Kancharla

Going through the project plans and other design related documents is of utmost importance in the construction industry. A little neglect in studying these could result in flawed craftsmanship, the third type of defect that is often found in the constructions. This too could result in massive problems in the construction of the building.

Reddy Kancharla suggests some ways that could avoid such defects so that the construction is devoid of errors and a safely constructed building is built. His experience and expertise in the sector give him an in-depth knowledge of the subject and puts his suggestions as valid information to follow. This can however, not be done by one person alone. Everyone involved in the building project is responsible to maintain the quality of work and material of the construction. Preventive measures are to be taken by all so that these defects can be avoided easily. Be it the design team or the construction team, everyone should be attentive in respective tasks to reduce these issues.

Those involved should participate in quality control programs, proper and accurate documentation as well as effective communication efforts to be able to keep such problems at bay. Putting the mind to these simple activities are efficient ways to protect the reputation and the bottom line of the entire construction team and consequently the construction company.


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