Progressive peer support through emotional support animal

Every human being needs physical and mental support to live. A life is all about to live depending on some elements which provide necessary support tolive. These all protects the mental and physical health and their growing. The word emotional support covers most of the important part of mental health. But, actually it is difficult to define and describe what is actually the emotional support is.

About emotional support

Some Researchers tried to define emotional support by combining the small though very delicate elements, like love, sympathy, care, trust and dependency. On the other hand, some researchers have tried to describe emotional support by collaborating some positive activities, like encouragement, promoting, practicing positive thinking and many other developing activities too. In a bigger aspect some psychologists defined emotional support as mutual understanding or reciprocalinteractions. Some other researchers tried to characterize itas solely a subjective participation of feeling accepted or feeling loved, and to be respected by anyone or by the society on a whole. There are different scales to measure the parameter of emotional support to any living being. Adolescent or child or adult or old, the parameter of emotional support change by their need and acceptance.


Animal as emotional support

With the advancement of science the factor of emotional support has changed its character and measures. One kind of living being is being providing the emotional support by another. The relation of human being is always very positive and friendly with the animals all together. The domestic animals specially are on the top of the list and the dogs are leading them. After the dog, cats have taken the next position as the supportive animals. For a long year dogs are proved to be the support system to provide therapeutic benefits like- to be a friendly existence to a human being, migrating or alleviating the symptoms of disability, providing effective positivity to eradicate depression or frustration and to those, who are suffering from psychological disabilities.

Trained emotional support animals

Emotional support animals, especially dogs are being trained to be the support system of a human being. They are trained to perform or execute some special duties to boost up a person dealing with disabilities or mental blockage. It is like a medicinal support provided as prescribed by the medical practitioner or psychologists. These are the service animals or register emotional support animal. To avail these kinds of service animals you should contact organizations who are professionally dealing with the animals.


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