Somatropin-An overview

Somatropin-An overview

Somatropin is a form of growth hormone that is created synthetically. This is one of the important hormones that are essential for the functions of the body.

Somatropin send the signals to the muscles and bones. This may lead to the muscle growth and loss in the fat. The loss of fat is due to the increase in the glucogenesis and this also promotes resistance to the insulin thereby reducing the sensitivity of skin to insulin. Many forms of Somatropin are available in the market. The 191 amino acid sequence is the same as that of the naturally produced hormone. This can be termed as Somatropin.


Somatropin is used to treat certain defects in the body. This may include.

  • Pituatary Dwarfism
  • Improves the healing capacity of a person
  • Short bowel syndrome and for the treatment of Prader willi defect.

One of the main uses of Somatropin is that it is an anti aging factor. This hormone is used for many purposes by the athletes. Both the Somatropin and the anabolic steroids work together and the effect of both are incredible.

Another important benefit of Somatropin is its metabolic effect. Somatropin is related to a naturally produced hormone like insulin, a growth factor which may affect each cell of the body and this is necessary for the body functions and recovery of wounds. Increase in the human growth hormone leads to the increase in the IGF-1 level.

The major benefits of Somatropin include the cell regeneration, repair of the cells, conversion of the amino acids and the changes in the metabolic functions of the body. The benefits includes

  • Growth of the muscle tissues
  • A hard and tight body
  • Increase in the bone density
  • Energy increase
  • Variation of moods
  • Decreasing the fat of the body

Somatropin plays a major role to transform one’s life.

Side effects of Somatropin

Some people may have side effects by the usage of this medicine. People may have allergic reaction and should take the medical help as soon as the signs are shown. This may cause many problems such as

  • Breathing difficulty
  • Change in the vision with pain behind the eyes
  • Swelling and some may have ear pain
  • Pain in the upper stomach is also seen in some people.
  • This may lead to the increase in the blood sugar level thereby increase in the thirst, urination, dry skin and having a vision defect.
  • This may also include headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Itching in the skin and some kind of allergic reactions

Whatever side effects are seen it should be consulted with the doctor and the precautions should be taken to cure the same. Also, consumption of alcohol may also make the situation worse. Visit to know more.

We should inform the medical practitioner regarding all the medicines that we are having. This includes the treatment for hormone replacement therapy, medicine for diabetes like insulin or any tablet used for this.



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