Some Signs That Tell You to Seek Counselling

Some Signs That Tell You to Seek Counselling

Counselling services have become more important these days as people go through a pandemic. It’s usual for people to feel stress, anxiety, or emotional distress due to many causes such as financial setbacks, financial issues, relationships, personal loss, and others. Most of the time, people just bounce back on their own. Over time, they learn coping mechanisms to do so. However, there may be times when a little help is needed. This is why Life Supports exists, to give people the support they need when the going gets too rough. The following are some signs that you are in need of a professional counseling service:

You find it hard to regulate your emotions

Sadness, anxiety, and anger are common emotions, but it is important to look closely into the frequency and intensity of how you feel such emotions. Depression is often not noticed since it is cloaked by irritability and short temper. A person who is frequently sad, feeling empty, and disinterested in things may be suffering from clinical depression. Children may feel irritable and hostile towards others when they have depression. Psychotherapy can help adults and children in managing these emotions.

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You are experiencing changes in your appetite and sleep disruptions

Mental health issues may affect one’s appetite and sleep massively. A person who experiences anxiety or is in a manic state may go through sleeplessness while someone who experiences severe depression may not be able to catch any sleep. Some people tend to overeat when they are stressed while others find it difficult to eat. If this is something you have been going through for a long time, perhaps it’s time to seek professional help.

It is difficult for you to build and maintain relationships

The mental health status of an individual can have an impact on his or her relationships. The person may pull back from people he or she is close to or may lead some to become more emotionally dependent on another. People who are suffering from psychological or emotional issues may have problems nourishing relationships whether at work or in school, working with teams, or communicating with one’s superiors or subordinates. A therapist can help people who suffer from these to have improved social skills, such as how to practice respectful assertiveness.

You have gone through trauma

People who experienced physical or sexual abuse or any other trauma that they have not recovered from can be helped immensely by talk therapy. Psychotherapy will enable the person to narrate and explore the traumatic experience in a space that is confidential, safe, and free from judgement. A therapist can help the person to develop new perspectives of looking at the traumatic experience and to break the associations that enable the trauma to have control over you.