Symbole of endurance

Symbole of endurance


When it comes to durability and beauty of a thing, there is nothing beautiful and rare than diamond. Diamond is most hard and one of the expensive materials on the earth .Diamond like koh-I-noor, hope diamond is one of the expensive things that a man dreams to have in his life. Previously diamond was used for polishing axes. The physical phenomena like the total internal reflection , longevity, durability, lastingness and many more properties of vintage diamond rings makes it an amazing material on the earth and are able to attract people to buy it .

Basis of buying diamond

Now a day’s one can buy a diamond from online as well as land based shop as per their convenient. Before buying diamond anywhere, one should always take care some essential property of diamond. Clarity of diamond is very much important in order to categorize a diamond in a flawless category of a diamond which refers its size nature as well as flaws point. The color of diamond is being scaled on D to Z, where D is consider as a best diamond among all .The carat weighting of diamond is prevalent among the buyers and sellers. One of the important characteristics of diamond is defined o the basic of its cut which is responsible to make or destroy it. Cut is also important because of dispersion of light and when diamond radiate incredible light source it create an amazing moment for everyone.

Mistakes while buying a diamond

 Whether we buy diamond in India or Hong Kong, online or offline, one should always clear about several things such as GIA certification, proper research on the product etc. Well GIA is an organization which is non profitable and set to protect buyer as well as seller while buying gemstone on the basis of several preset standard. Generally people is obsessed of colorless diamond, Fluorescence gives milky appearance to the diamond in direct sunlight, when we take 2 carats of small diamond. Hence while buying a small diamond; if you don’t get a proper dispersion then it could be the default in the quality of diamond not the fluorescence issue.


 To buy diamond, a person needs to be very conscious. There are two options; either you can buy it online by placing the order. There is several steps one will have to follow while buying a diamond online otherwise, land based shop are good option.


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