Technology’s Impact on Addiction Recovery

Technology’s Impact on Addiction Recovery

There is some evidence that technologies such as the internet and mobile phones are showing some considerable promise for the assessment and treatment of substance abuse. It is showing promise in the change of the models as well as the quality used for substance treatment. The current top programs for this are the Therapeutic Education System (TEC) and the Technology Assisted Care (TAC). It is a web-based training of psychosocial skills for intervention for people with substance abuse issues.

About Technological Treatment for Substance Abuse

TEC is built on community behavioral reinforcement that’s officially recognized. So far, it contains 65 different hands-on modules with mixed media. It starts with basic cognitive skills such as risks for relapse and healthier ways to managing negative thoughts. It is well known that people with substance abuse disorders often use as a way to escape the effects of their problems, which becomes a fire wheel cycle. Being high or drunk only temporarily masks the effects and then they come back stronger than before. Which then drives them to use all the more.

Further, programs such as TEC include modules to build individualized treatment plans, test the individual’s understanding of the material, and pace itself according to the patient’s needs. Many also come with earned incentives for overcoming listed behaviors and triggers.

When the first randomized controlled clinical trial was done, they found that the abstinence rate was comparable to that of traditional treatments. However, a separate one going on at around the same time found that it was higher than the standard treatment. Several clinical studies are still going on so these programs may not yet be readily accessible to everyone.

TAC also treats a range of mental disabilities and behavioral issues. Their modules happen to include both illicit drug use as well as drinking issues. However, one current disadvantage is that they are currently not available in many rural, low income, and underserved areas. This is due to the fact that many clinicians in those areas currently lack the funding and resources for them. But there’s no need to fret. You’re more than welcome to browse their website and contact them on their “Contact Us” page.

Plus, there are plenty more programs out there such as the one we have for Fort Myers treatment options.

Why this is Significant

Technology has become a very important part of our everyday lives. In probably the next five to ten years, it will be covering absolutely everything. Substance abuse is now becoming an non-exception.

In the case of substance abuse, some individuals have been found to respond to traditional rehabilitation treatment better than others. As a result, programs like TEC and TAC are working to design it to keep up with the patient’s need on a more individual basis. This has been found to ensure that the patient will understand him- or herself better, their triggers, their risks for relapsing, etc. It is also a way to keep many of them from ending up in prison or fatally overdosing.


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