Types of heavy-duty slide rails drawer

Types of heavy-duty slide rails drawer

There are three options to consider, and each heavy duty slide rails has its strengths and drawbacks.

  • Center-mounted drawer slide

First of all, the most basic is the central support. The central support is fixed under the drawer. It is a slide centered on the lower part. Since the sliding cover is under the drawer, these assembly sheets are not visible when you open the drawer. If you want to showcase solid wood cabinetry, that’s a good thing. It is also a generally more economical option. However, the weight of the center rack is usually light, so these heavy duty slide rails may not be suitable for heavy items in storage drawers.

  • Side Mount Drawer Slides

It can be mounted on the side. It is represented by pair of slides attached to the sides, and each slide is installed on the side of the drawer. It requires some distance (usually about 1/2 inch) between the drawer and the opening in the cabinet. The side support is heavier than the center support, but it is visible when you open the drawer.

  • Lower drawer slide

The third option is installed. Floor-mounted slides are also presented in pairs, but they are attached to the bottom of the drawer. If you want to support heavy loads but don’t want to install unsightly hardware on the side of the drawer, this is great. Chassis installation costs are likely to increase, but they are becoming a trendy alternative in the industry.

  • Extendable drawer slides

How much do you need to open the drawer?

There are three drawer extension options: 3/4 extension, full-extension, and overtravel. As you know, 3/4 extension drawer slides are not a common choice for a lot of furniture. The 3/4 drawer extension stays in the cabinet when opened. It is a budget option, and there are many ways to install it. If you use a full extension slide rail, the drawer can expose 100% of the extension drawer. It is also called “full control.”