What are the other traffic barriers that you have to know?

What are the other traffic barriers that you have to know?

When a company has to complete a project on a roadside, they have to control the traffic. The companies ensure that all employees are safe working on the roadside project. It means you need a highwayguard road barrier that is durable and effective. It will avoid damage caused by accidents while doing construction projects on highways. These are the traffic barriers that construction companies can use when roadway projects.

Concrete barriers

Construction companies have depended on using concrete barriers for years. The concrete walls are sturdy, and there are potential challenges. Concrete barriers are not portable when you like to rearrange and move them to another place. It will be hard and impossible to do as you need to get a machine to move it. It is a type of barrier that needs extensive installation effort and time. And the color of the concrete obstacles is gray. It cannot give you good visibility for the drivers, especially at night. It will not lessen the impact of car accidents.

Highwayguard Road Barrier


Using the LCDs are first developed in the year 2000s as another choice for concrete barriers. Unlike concrete walls, LCDs are made from top-quality polyethylene. It uses ballasted with water when deployed on the roadsides. LCDs will act to soften the damage of car accidents. It is by absorbing the impact and cutting the forces that the passengers and drivers feel in a car. LCDs come in different sizes and shapes, and they have the chance to form lines by connecting them. They can also produce a bright color which you will see as an orange color.

Plastic barriers

The barriers are made to direct traffic and avoid any car accidents. Most construction sites need additional barriers to protect pedestrians. An excellent example is the Jersey Barrier which is used in low-speed traffic. It blocks the pedestrians from going to a place. It is the same as LCD, and these plastic barriers are easier to move, break down, install and connect to form a line or wall.

Other types of barriers

The barriers are sometimes not recommended, but roadside projects need to use protection. You can choose the areas where you will not allow vehicles to pass. There are construction sites that will benefit from using it. These panels will give you an added layer of protection and security. Many companies are using the barriers to advertise their companies.

Looking for the right and best barriers for your roadside project is essential. It doesn’t only mean that it will give you safety measures. Investing in barricades can help your company save money and time. Using the barriers is one of the best solutions to guide the drivers not to enter a specific place on the roadside.


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