Where To Find The Best Outdoor Gear For Your 4WD

Where To Find The Best Outdoor Gear For Your 4WD

The great outdoors doesn’t just require mental toughness and skill. It also requires your gear and your vehicles to be tough as well. But if you just bought your truck from the dealer and you went straight to your next great outdoor trip, are you certain that it can keep up with the challenge and the demand of the great outdoors? When it comes to your 4WD, you need more than just a simple one, it needs to be prepared for your outdoor needs.

This is where outdoor accessories come into the picture. There are many outdoor shops that specialize in making your 4WD as simple but good for an outdoor trip or something that just came out from the Mad Max movie. Whatever your needs and references are, good thing that there is an outdoor gear from Australia Wide 4WD that you can check and visit today. Visit the link for more information.

What you need: There is an online store called auswide4wd.com.au and they have a ton of selections for you to choose from. Now, you don’t have to visit various online stores to get the things that you need for your 4WD because they got you covered. They got everything from:

Lights and accessories:

  • Driving Lights
  • Light Bars
  • Work Lights
  • Light Covers
  • Light Accessories

Guards and bash plates:

  • Engine Guards
  • Front & Sump Guards
  • Fuel Filter & Tank Guards
  • Intercooler Guards
  • Transmission Guards
  • Transfer Case Guards
  • Water Bras
  • Winches & Ropes
  • MaxTrax
  • Drawer Modules
  • Drop Slides
  • Roof Racks & Platforms
  • Vehicle Storage

outdoor gear from Australia Wide 4WD


Communication and navigation:

  • UHF Radios
  • Antennas
  • GPS
  • Microphones
  • Compressors
  • Batteries
  • Battery Chargers
  • Battery Testers
  • Battery Boxes

Brackets and mounting:

  • Bullbar Clamps
  • Antenna Brackets
  • Light Brackets
  • Fixing Accessories

Wheel and tyre:

  • Wheel & Tyre Accessories
  • Wheel Ba

Its a well established shop: The shop has been around for a long time, so you can be assured that they are trusted and they have a really good returns and refunds policy. The fcat is that with so many hurdles in a business nowadays, whenever a company reaches a milestone every year, it’s a celebration and if these guys have been in the business for many years now is a testament to the things that these guys are doing (they are doing something right!).

Planning on your next great outdoor trip? You’re not alone. In fact, its one of the things that people like to do in Australia. And if you have just a simple (stock) 4WD, you might want to upgrade that to make it ready for the great outdoors, and what better place to buy it than in auswide 4wd.com.au.