A Brief History About Massage and Its Top Benefits for A Person’s Well Being

A Brief History About Massage and Its Top Benefits for A Person’s Well Being

The need to preserve our mental health and well-being has never been more crucial in our fast-paced modern society, when stress is high, work hours are long, and we are increasingly time poor. Health awareness is on the rise in Australia. To deal with a variety of physical, mental, and emotional disorders, more people are turning to complementary medicines and seeking combination traditional medical and holistic treatments with the goal of enhancing their overall wellness. The demand for experienced therapists continues to expand, with massage therapists making up the largest professional group in the supplementary healthcare sector. You can check out Geelong Myowell for more information on the fabulous programs that they have.

The Origins of Massage

Touch as a therapeutic therapy was thought to have medical benefits in ancient cultures, such as mending physical injuries, reducing pain, and encouraging physiological system balance to generate harmonious energy flow, allowing the body to repair itself spontaneously. Massage therapy has been used for millennia and is one of the oldest healthcare methods known, dating back to the ancient Egyptians who were credited with the invention of reflexology and the Hindus’ use of therapeutic touch in the practice of Ayurvedic medicine. Despite the fact that these ancient civilisations were persuaded of the therapeutic benefits of massage, massage therapy is still in its infancy in Western medicine.

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What is the definition of massage

Massage therapy is the medical manipulation of the body’s soft tissues (tendons, ligaments, and fascia) for therapeutic or relaxation purposes. Hands are the most common tool used in massage therapy, but forearms, elbows, tools, and even feet can be used to impart varied levels of intensity and pressure. Massage therapists target the skeletal, circulatory, muscular, lymphatic, and neurological systems by kneading, rubbing, or tapping regions of the body to enhance circulation, relieve pain and soreness, reduce tension, increase flexibility, and relax the entire body using a range of techniques. Massage’s overarching goal is to promote general wellness through healing touch.

Remedial Massage’s Top 5 Advantages

  • It lowers stress levels. By altering neurohormones that regulate behavior and emotions, remedial massage has been demonstrated to relieve both physical and emotional stress.
  • It strengthens the immune system. Natural killer cells have been reported to be stimulated by remedial massage. This improves the body’s immune system’s effectiveness, allowing it to fight disease more effectively.
  • It helps to correct postural problems. Muscle tightness surrounding the joints is a common cause of restricted range of motion. Stretching and mobilisation techniques used by remedial massage therapists can assist increase circulation, release muscles, and relieve tension.
  • It helps you sleep better and concentrate better. Remedial massage can efficiently and naturally promote a good night’s sleep by relaxing the body, lowering muscle tension, boosting circulation, and reducing stress, as well as helping to increase mental clarity and alertness. Visit Geelong Myowell to know more.