Bruce Weber Photographer Offers Tips on Making Movies with Dogs

Bruce Weber Photographer Offers Tips on Making Movies with Dogs

The relationship people have with their dogs is no less than what they have with their family members. Hence, a lot of people love to take photographs of their furry friends and store special moments spend with them for a lifetime. Bruce Weber Photographer even has made a documentary on his adorable dogs.  His movie ‘A letter to true’ film centers on his dogs, a family of gorgeous golden retrievers. This documentary is meant to underline the affection, loyalty, and unconditional love displayed by his dogs.

To make a documentary movie with dogs, one must firstly train them. While amazing tricks are always fun to watch, even if a dog has a limited repertoire, and understands commands like sit and stay, one can keep them in the frame and work shoot their video clips.Bruce Weber PhotographerApart from the dog, the one directing them would also need a level of expertise. Professional cinematographers can simply look through the lens and know which shot will work for them. Things would be more complicated for a novice. Hence, one needs to primarily develop the ability to see what is being recorded and understands how variables like background and lighting can make a difference. Selecting the right camera equipment is also important for people desiring to make a movie about their dogs. Zoom lenses will make activities like running and playing around easier to capture.

Videos with dogs should look absolutely natural. Hence, one must try to let things happen organically, rather than being too stringent with the scenes to shoot. After all, everyone loves the touching videos of returning soldiers being reunited with their dogs. In such pivotal moments, it will be good to start shooting and keep the camera running. The clips can always be edited or shortened later on. One wouldn’t be able to capture the most magical moments of their furry friends if they simply stage everything.

If one is shooting with their dog in an unfamiliar place, it is important to give the pet as much time as possible to get used to the new environment.  Even the calmest and well-trained pup can become tense in new surroundings. Many may find camera equipment intimidating, especially if they have not seen professional cameras before. Hence, it is always smarter to allow the canine subjects to take a closer look at the camera and take a sniff, so that they can become comfortable with it. Doing so will surely make filming with dogs easier.  A lot of people stand while capturing videos or images of dogs, aiming three or more feet below eye level. But by doing so one may end up just taking the top of the head of the dog.

Getting down to the eye level of the dog would help in capturing the most amazing shots.  People can watch the dog-based documentary made by Bruce Weber Photographer, and other similar works, to gain an idea about the best ways to film their furry pets.


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