Crop the un-comfy bras with crop top bras

Crop the un-comfy bras with crop top bras

Sports bras are meant to make you feel good, provide support minimize bounce during low to high intense impact exercises.  Compression sports bras serve the purpose of literally ‘compressing’ your breasts against the chest. They do not have individual cups to separate the breasts from each other. A crop top sports bra is designed for low to medium intensity workouts like yoga or a dance-based workout where a wider coverage is required.

How do crop top bras function

Most compression bras like a crop top or a tank top sports bra, work by compressing the breasts to provide high-level support. This compression prevents the breasts from bouncing and other movements.

Typically, these sports bras don’t have a back or front closure. So, it is an easy wear and requires just pulling them over your head. That way, it is easy to take off as well.

Uses of a crop top bra

Designed to be supportive while undertaking a low or medium intensity workout like running and cycling, a compression bra has other uses as well. Compression bras are also helpful as post breast augmentation bras. It reduces chest and underarm swelling and inflammation.

A crop top compression bra is generally preferred for its lightweight and breathable fabric and sweat-wicking material. It is also a very versatile product. Wear it during workouts or flaunt your fashion sense by pairing it with leggings or jeans.

This flattering and comfortable sports bra will give the perfect fit you can expect with any other high-end product.