How Do Deaf Children Learn To Communicate?

How Do Deaf Children Learn To Communicate?

Varying schools are supporting deaf education to help and provide learning for deaf children. It is not only in the UK but also all around the world. The main idea is the teaching method used for teaching deaf students. Should deaf children be taught using sign language or pure oral methods?

Whichever of the two methods can be useful, and you should be taking them to make the lives of these deaf children go normally.

Facts of the pure oral method

Schools adopting the pure oral method of teaching deaf children are banning sign language, as it is against the principle of this method. It is not only applied in the classroom but also in the playground too. From this perspective, the method can be beneficial and must have been very frustrating when trying to get views and points across. Many deaf people testified the frustration of increasing up in an environment where they are not permitted to sign. It is one of the huge factors of mental health problems among hearing-impaired people.

So, it is a big challenge for deaf children when they are taught. It is good to know that teaching hearing-impaired children at an early stage makes it easy and possible for them to make the learning easy to handle than the adult ones. Children can easily adapt to the learning process by playing or engaging in activities, without even them realizing that they are under the teaching method.

learning for deaf children

Sign language

One more interesting fact is sign language. In some schools that permitted sign language as the extra means of communication, many ex-students went on to become teachers to teach in other deaf schools. It is incomparable to some other schools that had banned the signing and could not find any info. In case you did not know sign language is not a universal language, and just like spoken language has variations from country to country.

Of course, sign language should differ from country to country. Understandably, each country has a different language used, which is important that teaching English should also be taught, as the universal language. But, this could be on the next level of the sign language method. First thing, teaching the local language should be taught first.

There are many schools for deaf children that don’t use sign language, which help bring the level of education in the deaf community yearly, which is excellent news. There are more organizations and charities doing well an excellent job at raising awareness of these issues and offering advice and helping hearing-impaired children.

As you can see, a lot of organizations and communities today are offering such programs to help deaf children live like normal, to have a better future.


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