How To Choose Basketball Shoes

How To Choose Basketball Shoes

Choosing basketball shoes is very important for every player. It is not a question of aesthetics, but of performance and sensations. For the basketball player, in fact, the technical shoe is an extension of himself, a tool that can increase athletic performance or, better, allow him to better express his abilities. Until a few years ago there was a tendency to associate a certain type of shoe with a specific role (guard, play, etc.), but today, with the evolution of the game and technological development (both in terms of materials and related scientific studies to sports practice), the role played by the player on the pitch has given way to 2 fundamental concepts: the “type of player” (physical characteristics, movement characteristics, etc.) and above all the individual needs of each athlete basketball shoes.

To be able to choose the right shoe it is first of all necessary to know how to evaluate it on a technical level , which means knowing the basics of the materials and dynamics that regulate the life cycle of a shoe.

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Know the characteristics of a basketball shoe.

Let’s take a step back with some concepts and terminology. The athletic gestures of basketball require a technical shoe that provides these 4 characteristics:

  • traction
  • impact protection
  • reactivity
  • support
  • The elements that make up a sports shoe are:
  • sole
  • midsole (the part responsible for cushioning and responsiveness)
  • insole (where the foot rests)
  • upper

From here the connection of the various points is quite simple: the shoe must be chosen according to the needs and preferences of each sportsman. Let’s take an example: a “small” and fast player can (and often does) play with a shoe that is light, stable and low towards the ground (with little impact protection); but if it is better with a very shock absorbing midsole it can easily turn to a more full-bodied shoe. This is because athletic performance is much more related to the positive feeling of comfort rather than “on paper” characteristics.

In other words, the main advice we give to all the athletes who ask us every day how to choose basketball shoes is the following: start from the technical characteristics of the shoe and your characteristics as a player (yours, not those of your role), but then always choose the one that makes you feel good, that gives you good feelings, that allows you to play at your best .

What are the characteristics of your way of playing?

In general, a shoe with little midsole such as the Nike Kyrie or adidas Dame line is recommended for a player who wants to stay low to the ground. A player looking for cushioning may prefer more full-bodied shoes such as Nike Lebron or adidas Marquee. The search for greater support is instead more compatible with shoes with more “rigid” upper materials and probably with a classic lacing system.