Medora Firdos – a general practitioner in Singapore

Medora Firdos – a general practitioner in Singapore

A general practitioner is also known as generalist or a physician who is not specialized in a particular field of medicine. General practitioners offer routine health care such as immunizations and physical examinations. They assess and treat several health conditions such as injuries and illnesses. They often have long term, regular patients and provide medical care to all people of any sex and age group. People seeking medical help should first contact a physician. If a patient develops any serious health condition, he or she will refer the patient to a specialist. Doctor Medora Firdos has been serving people of Singapore for many years. He has been supporting the health of people in Singapore by treating chronic and acute illnesses. He has his own clinic in this country named dr medora clinic. People can book an appointment online to have a health checkup.

Available hours of service

General practitioners usually work in private clinics or offices. They are helped by a team of administrators and nurses. They also may be the part of a health maintenance group. The available service hours of doctor Medora is from 9 at morning to 5 at evening on working days. The service will be available from 9 am to 12pm on Saturdays whereas Sunday is a holiday. Internet facilitates people to book a consultation with him through online. People can choose the reason for their personal visit and get the appointment time to meet him. He did preclinical medicine at the University of Bristol and has studied clinical medicine at London. He has also finished 3 years of surgical training.


Medical experience of Medora

Apart from being a general practitioner he also has experience in cosmetic surgeries. He completed training in cosmetic surgery at United Kingdom. He attended cosmetic surgery examinations in Australasian cosmetic surgery college. Some other qualifications he possesses include surgeon membership and practical dermatology. He has also attended the training of cardiac life support. Through his dr medora clinic, he has been serving people. He gives precaution medications for a broad array of diseases. He has been providing health education as well as preventing care to the people of Singapore through several health support events. Apart from servicing people he is involved in non-profit and social activities. He served overseas medical graduates society as the president and lions club of Singapore as the vice president. He is the founding member of a multi disciplinary healthcare practice workgroup.


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