Ronald Phillips New York- An Insight Into The Divorce Laws In The State 

Ronald Phillips New York- An Insight Into The Divorce Laws In The State 

Divorce is the legal dissolution of marriage by a competent court of law, and if you have such a case pending in a court, lawyers and court staff refer it to matrimonial action. The plaintiff initiates the divorce, and the other party or the spouse is called the defendant. In the USA, the states govern divorce laws, so it is different for every state.

Ronald Phillips New Yorkunderstanding the divorce laws of New York

Ronald Phillips New York is an experienced partner with an illustrious background in law. He is a divorce lawyer and skilled in domestic relations, trial practice, collaborative practice, legal writing, and dispute resolution. He is an experienced entrepreneur and completed his graduation from the St John’s University School of Law.

The Supreme Court grants the divorce and not the Family Court 

In New York, The Supreme Court is the sole Court that takes care of divorce cases, and a judge of this Court is the only legal representative that can grant the decree. If you wish to file a divorce case, you should visit the Supreme Court in the county where both you and your spouse currently live. You can’t get a divorce in a Family Court.

Though the Family Court does not grant you the decree for divorce, you can go to this Court for help regarding child custody, child visitation, child support, spousal support, spousal maintenance, and paternity suits. The state has an official court site where you can check out the proper Court for managing your case.

Ronald Phillips New York

Starting the divorce case  

Here, you first need to purchase an Index number at the office of the County Clerk and file your Summons with Notice or your Summons and Verified complaint that will have the critical reasons for your divorce. The next step is to get another person over the age of 18 years who again is not a party to the action to serve your spouse with the divorce papers.

Consulting a good divorce lawyer  

The process of filing a divorce case in Court is extensive, and you need the services of a good divorce lawyer to do it for you. This is why you must search for a skilled lawyer with proven track records in the field.

Ronald Phillips New York recommends that you should visit at least three to four lawyers for a free legal consultation to get an idea about their professionalism and skills. Good lawyers with credible track records ensure you are comfortable talking to them. They will understand your case with patience and give you all the information you want to know when filing the Supreme Court claim with the proper documentation. A good divorce lawyer will also be compassionate and friendly, as divorce is a sensitive issue and can be emotionally tough on you and your spouse! You will get the desired assistance with the right expert by your side.


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