Stylized wedding shoot all you need to know about

Stylized wedding shoot all you need to know about

Also referred to as wedding inspiration, a stylized wedding shoot is a type of photoshoot which uses models as the couples following the selected themes like Retro, city wedding, princess wedding, intimate wedding, etc. These themes include color visuals and the clothing style of the couples. The theme can be traditional or unorthodox.

Stylized wedding shoot is done by the photographers, the styler(s), fashion designers, etc. For their networking & marketing purposes.

Wedding shoot by the designers

Designers conduct styles wedding shoots for marketing their dresses they may use expensive models for the marketing of designed wedding gowns, wedding suits. When it comes to wedding gowns, the name of Inbal Dror’s wedding gown comes first.

Inbal Dror Wedding Gowns

Inbal Dror is a fashion designer from Israel, born in 1976  in Ashdod, Israel known for her contemporaneous wedding gowns. Inbal Dror launched her luxury brand in 2005. She had designed the wedding dress for Ivanka Trump, and also Inbal Dror has designed gowns for Beyoncé, Gala Gonzalez, Bar Refaeli, and other celebrities. Beyoncé wore her designed gown at Grammy Awards in 2016.

Inbal Dror Wedding Gowns are made of rich silk, with bold cut-outs in the dress, with revealing necklines, and sexy slits spectre detailing, with delicate embroidery and 3D elements. Her dresses are famous for Racy silhouettes” and “bold necklines” with laces and silky embroidery.Inbal Dror Wedding gown are not only famous in Israel but also in the world, her dresses are worn by many international celebs.


 A stylizedwedding shoot is a shoot in which models act like a couple for the photoshoot often used by designers for their marketing. Inbal Dror is a world-famous wedding dress designer from Israel, her dresses range somewhere between USD 7,000-USD 11,000.