Techniques to increase GH levels ( HGH )

It must be understood that all methods must be comprehensive against the background of normal nutrient intake. One can purchase all categories of Hgh supplements review sports nutrition to increase the production of growth hormone in the store.

Weight training

The easiest and most affordable way to increase endogenous somatotropin will be weight training. Both explosive strength training for 1-3 reps using basic exercises (squats, deadlifts, bench presses) and intense volume training using supersets can increase the level of synthesis of this hormone. In this case, the weight of the burden must be large enough for you to reach muscle failure.

Healthy sleep

In addition to physical activity and weight training, an important factor for increasing growth hormone is proper sleep. It is during sleep that the concentration of somatotropin in the blood reaches its highest level. Therefore, good sleep, just like training and nutrition, is important for successful weight gain and the fight against subcutaneous fat.

Sports nutrition


To achieve our goal, sports nutrition is perfect. Argininewill be the most important assistant for us. This essential amino acid can increase the production of somatotropin. In addition, it has several other useful properties. It is a nitrogen donator, which changes the nitrogen balance in the body and accelerates protein synthesis. Arginine is also an immunostimulant. But for us, this supplement is interesting because when taken at night up to 5 grams, we can increase the production of growth hormone.


Glutamine is also an essential amino acid. It has long been proven that taking glutamine can increase the production of growth hormones.


Gaba is a gamma-aminobutyric acid that induces sleep and reduces mental arousal. It helps to improve sleep and stimulates the pituitary gland, which leads to the synthesis of growth hormones. In addition, this drug also burns fat.


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