Travel Tips: Here’s How You Choose The Best Restaurants

Travel Tips: Here’s How You Choose The Best Restaurants

Most people choose to eat good on the road, but it can be a difficult task to find out how to pick the best restaurants while you fly. Most travel locations are mostly foreign, so restaurants may not work the “back home” way things do, wherever they are. Luckily through others’ experiences through the years, there are quite a few approaches that I have picked up. Not all is entirely foolproof, but there are several options to increase the odds as you fly that you will be consuming delicious food. If eating healthy is a concern for you while you are traveling, here are a few items to do to make sure you sleep the best you can!


#1: Plan and book a culinary walking tour. Suggest booking a culinary walking tour for an early part of the journey, becoming increasingly common in cities across the world. This is a perfect opportunity to try lots of foods, get a lay of the land and then determine what areas you’d like to travel to or what kind of ethnic cuisine you’d like to get back to. Best still, along the way, you will get to know your guide, and you will be able to tap his or her brain for even more tailor-made tips. This may be an excellent guide to meals for people living in places where they don’t understand or interpret the language — plus a decent mealtime protocol at that location.

#2: Read local food bloggers’ publications and posts. Introduce some enjoyable work on your trip preparation by reading it up before you go. A treasure chest of articles from local food blogs and reporters is a fast Google search away, and the bread and butter of the writers discover the hot spots on the hidden treasures and spill secrets. Save all addresses to a Google Map or print one out, and highlight the intersections that are worth visiting, is fast. Some regional magazines or newspapers also have annual lists of dining and take a lot of the guesswork out of a visit.

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#3: Ask people around. It may be a good fallback option to get suggestions from the hotel concierge, but some of the most excellent restaurant choices we’ve got come from other people we’ve encountered along the way on our journeys. Cab drivers may be a source of all-night food experience, and workers at famous tourist destinations may have a tip on what’s perfect for lunch nearby (without the long queues or the high costs). And it can be an excellent icebreaker to ask people you encounter for even more ideas and feedback about your tour. You should post on Facebook and Twitter before you travel, and see if someone in your group still wants to visit places to share.

#4: Looking for local options. Looking for restaurants that offer local food is a concern for many individuals. Ask yourself, “What’s the point of staying away if you consume food that you can get at home?” Stick to the basics, and go for anything that makes sense for the place. Eating pizza is not always the right option, anywhere. And if a location seems busy, test it before you go in if it is full of travelers or locals that dive in to taste the choices in their menu.

#5: Stop dining outside the city’s main tourist attractions. Restaurants have an easy way to survive because they’re next to the most prominent tourist attractions, so the food isn’t all that nice or exciting to get a respectable audience. In neighborhoods, areas are typically a safer choice than the significant tourist drags. If they hassle you for going inside or have flyers around, it’s just too touristy to be beautiful. You can do some work in advance via social media, chat boards, and friends who have been and label some places on a chart, and you’ll know opportunities in the region you’re on.


To be a foodie is something wonderful and even more so, particularly if you have the luxury of going anywhere, to sample foods just like the restaurant and bar in Melbourne. Also, if it’s not mealtime or you’ve already eaten, keep an eye out and see where the locals gravitate or whether you see a cool place you want to label on a map to come back to for a meal later on.