A Best Man’s Guide to Creating Amazing Stag T-shirts

A Best Man’s Guide to Creating Amazing Stag T-shirts

If you are chosen to become the best man, you should not turn down the honor. Though the role entails a lot of responsibilities, you can emerge successful if you plan well. You should start with determining the budget followed by booking the venue, sending invitations, checking confirmations, and selecting epic activities.

While you are at it, you should think about stag t shirts. When it comes to t-shirt design, you should consider the following things:


Put in mind that size matters – it can make or break your t-shirt design. When dealing with t-shirt sizes, here are some things to remember:

  • Size should be decided according to the design: depending on the shape of the design, the size can look bigger than it should. For instance, square designs tend to look better when they are made smaller than standard.
  • Garment style: the next thing to consider is the style of garments or the items to be printed.


Many think that the print placement is synonymous to location. In essence, placement is the exact measurement of where to print a design in a specific location. Your goal here is to turn heads and if the position is wrong, there will be no attention.

If you are after a standard print location like a full back or full front, you must make sure the placement is also standard so it can work with different garment sizes and types. If you want other placement, you should let the design and printing team know the specifics. In the end, this will ensure that they conveyed your t-shirt design well.


If it is a stag shirt, there won’t be a lot of composition involved but you should put some time and effort into it so your group can turn heads. The best thing to do here is to show some friends and get feedback before starting the print.

Topography and typefaces

The topography is an art of arranging type so it makes sense. It is accompanied by typefaces (or fonts). It will also make sure that the line spacing and letter spacing is correct. When it comes to fonts, remember that your choice will say a lot about the way the designed is received.

Image quality

When you submit your design for printing, you must ensure the images are not low resolution. If images are low resolution, it means they do not have enough pixels to make good print quality.

When you submit images, make sure that they are at least 200 dpi at full size. The safest thing to do is submit a vector file. In this file, it can print perfectly to any size without losing the quality.


You should think about colors from the start. Without a doubt, colors have specific effects on people. Aside from psychology, the color will also determine the final cost of the shirt. A good place to start is choosing the official color of the year.

Remember that the more colors you put, the more costly it will entail. Since more colors mean expensive shirts, the key here is to use the least amount of colors in the completion of your t-shirt design – even if it is tempting to add lots of colors to make the design more vivid.


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