Choose From A Wide Range Of Shipping Containers Online

Choose From A Wide Range Of Shipping Containers Online

What are shipping containers used for?

The very purpose for which these types of containers were made was to transport goods from one place to the other. Earlier, these types of containers were used only on ships for transporting goods across the oceans but nowadays, these types of containers are being used in most transport operations. This is because, shipping containers that are being produced in recent days are fairly lightweight, made of sturdy and durable material, have more space, and are weatherproof.

What are the basic sizes that shipping containers are available in?

Looking at the size and the quantity of the goods that are shipped through the containers, the sizes vary accordingly. For instance, if the order is big or it is big in quantity, it needs to be stored and transferred in a sizable container that can hold the entire item or the group of items at once.

As an international standard, shipping containers come in the following sizes, mini or micro containers that are just over 8 feet in height; small-sized containers reaching up to 10 to 12 feet; medium-sized containers often ranging from 20 to 25 feet and finally the large-sized containers that have a size of over 40 feet. Though custom sized containers are also available on the market which is specifically made for transport of particular items.

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What are shipping containers made of?

Standard containers are made out of a bunch of materials. The containers can be made of only one material or a combination of several materials depending on the price, manufacturer, or the purpose. The basic materials include aluminum, weathering steel, fiber-reinforced polymer,and so on.

The different materials are used in the making of different parts of the containers. The materials used in the sides are different than what is being used in the front or back or even the top and bottom. For instance, the base of a shipping container is made in layers, first a frame made of dense steel is used as a support, and then it is covered by a wooden floor. This is important since it adds to the strength of the container and also adds waterproofing abilities.

Are shipping containers affordable?

Nowadays these containers are in high demand and they are being manufactured in big numbers, whether you want to transport goods from one place to the other, store goods inside or just make a small house out of it, its applications are immense and thus the concern for its affordability arises.

The prices of these contains could vary from region to region and also depend on the material that it is being made of. For instance, anew 30-inch shipping container made of weathering steel might cost around $7000-8000, more or less depending on the region you are located in.