Commercial fleet owners increasingly preferring single insurance policy cover!

Commercial fleet owners increasingly preferring single insurance policy cover!

Running a commercial fleet across the country is a nightmare by itself; but to get a single insurance cover for all the vehicles in the fleet is even more difficult. The insurance firms tend to keep their working easy by offering individual insurance plans for each car of the fleet. They cite various reasons to justify the same but never bother to look into the facilities that a client would probably enjoy because of such a policy.

Difficulties with multiple insurance policies

If one has to manage multiple insurance policies for the different cars in the fleet, a lot of exercise is called into action. One has to check the different dates of renewal of the policies over the year and prepare the records of cars and drivers all through in order to renew them on time. This calls for a greater deal of unproductive labour and manpower thereby raising the overhead cost of a fleet and eating into its profit.

Hence there has been a continual demand for a single insurance for the whole of the commercial fleet. Although this may be of great help to the fleet carriers, hardly is there an advantage for the insurer. Hence the big players of the market tend to not offer such policies.

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There are just a very few of the insurance agencies that offer single policy to cover the whole of the commercial fleet, that also irrespective of the variation in the model or make of the cars. One can thus go for fleet insurance of the taxis, trucks, vans and multi-facility vehicles of the fleet at one go with Here, one can get the full fleet insured provided there are 4 or more cars in the fleet.

Besides, one can get a lot of value added services as well, like training facility for drivers to acquire clean license, risk assessment of insured vehicles, their night parking facilities in remote places when on the move, and installing vehicle tracker, alarms, immobilisers and dashboard cameras in the insured cars if needed. These along with a lot of saving in terms of money, effort and time, helps in making the job easier for the clients.

It is thus for sure that people looking to insure their commercial fleet without any hassle will prefer the single Fleet insurance policies more and more. This is the sole reason for these policies getting increasingly popular day by day!


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