Crypto currency is backed by top companies

Crypto currency is backed by top companies

 There are many companies which are in working with the Ethereum technology to use them in their business. Companies like Intel, Microsoft, JP Morgan, etc. want to collaborate with Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to improve this network. These companies want the speed and accuracy of the blockchain technology and also want to use smart contracts as Ethereum developed this mainly to work with smart contracts.


But Ethereum came up with a far better block chain technology than Bitcoin as it was written using the Turing complete language. Die to that language libra can run any script and the transaction can be completed in 12 secs compared to Bitcoins 20 minutes making it the best network to do business. That speed has many companies vouching and vying for the Ethereum network to use this technology in their business. Read further to know how larger companies use these digital currencies.

Incorporated by Financial Institutions 

Banks and other financial institutions are adopting this digital currency, unlike Bitcoin which is disliked by banks as it is a threat to the banking system. Ethereum and its technology have created a reputation for being a friendly technology which will help the banks to thrive in this digital world. Banks have started using apps based on Ethereum to provide more secure banking to its customers. The app creates a blockchain packet of information which is accessible only by authorized parties. As more companies adopt their technology Ethereum value is bound to go up, and as an investor, you should take note of this turn of events.


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