The genie your office requires

The genie your office requires

Over the years our lives have undergone tremendous transformation, especially for urban dwellers. We are always running short of time, no matter what time of the year it is. This doesn’t mean that we are absolutely helpless about this. If we can take time tracking seriously and plan well, we will always have ample time for all that we want to do. This is particularly applicable at any workplace where being on time is absolutely non-negotiable. You can’t always keep track of your time and detailed record of when people are coming and going. However, if you can have a genie that would magically do all of this for you then your problem will be solved once and for all. Putting technology to good use, Time Clock Genie has been made possible today. It indeed produces results no less than that of a genie and hence derives its name.


When you have got a large pool of employees at your workplace, or even across offices, it of course gets difficult to schedule their work and plan vacation requests, sick leaves etc. Man power planning is one place where there is no scope of mismanagement or else the consequences will be disastrous. Thus, you got to have absolutely reliable and fool proof time tacking algorithm in place that will help you in planning well in advance to the tiniest detail and ease out the implementation process too. Also, care has been taken to ensure that maximum convenience is provided to its customers so as to sweeten the entire experience. Now you can access your account right from your mobile phone itself using mobile connect. So you can view all the detailed records while you are travelling or waiting in a meeting room too, right on your cell phone. This will in turn save more time and help you concentrate on the work better.

Seeing the large number of benefits that come with this Time Clock Genie it has been becoming more and more popular with every passing day. Maybe your workplace too can utilise its benefits to improve its inner functioning and thus leading to better employee time tracking process in the long run.


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