Get Ready to Know the Top Four Strains of CBD Flowers

Get Ready to Know the Top Four Strains of CBD Flowers

Ever since CBD blew up and became federally legal in the United States in 2018, the CBD market skyrocketed, and of course, the demand increased. Many CBD companies created different kinds of CBD products, and one of them is CBD flowers. If you haven’t tried smoking a CBD flower before, you’re missing out big time! It’s much better than CBD oil or tinctures because of its bioavailability, which can be absorbed by the bloodstream fast. So it’s the most efficient way for you to introduce CBD into your body.

With the popularity of CBD flowers increasing, breeders are producing different kinds of CBD flower strains to cater to the demands of the consumers. Read on to find out the best hemp cbd flower strains you can find on the market these days. Let’s talk about the top four here, and enjoy the flavorful user experience of CBD flowers.


Lifter is a potent Sativa-dominant CBD flower strain with calming and relaxing qualities that will instantly uplift both your morning and daytime activities. In other words, it’s the perfect CBD flower to smoke before starting your day! You can puff it while you’re drinking your morning coffee, and you’re ready to go. With its earthy grape-like scent and gassy-diesel finish, you will definitely feel the rush coming into your body. You will feel creative and active throughout the day, thanks to its terpene profile that’s sticky and high in CBD.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is an indica-dominant CBD strain that radiates chill vibes and relaxing qualities, perfect for a Saturday afternoon! Your body and mind will experience a peaceful bliss that you won’t find anywhere else. Its flavor profile is chocolate, wood, citrus fruits, and pine. So take a puff before going to sleep and only if you don’t plan to do anything else anymore.

Cherry Abacus

If you’re into aromatic CBD flower strains, then the Cherry Abacus is the perfect strain for you. It has a fruity and floral scent, mostly of red berries and cherries. The cherries are so strong that some even think it’s similar to Cherry Coke.

Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy has one of the most exotic smells, and it’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid that will immediately lift your spirits, make you happy, and overall relaxed. It’s a great CBD flower to use during the daytime when you’re looking into boosting your mood and get you ready for the rest of the day.