How to make your gunfights better

How to make your gunfights better

The majority of your kills should come from reading your adversaries’ positions and catching them off guard, but occasionally you’ll stumble against someone who is caught off guard. There are many instances, and they all boil down to reading the situation and reacting to it; however, that’s a lesson for another day; for now, here are the two circumstances you’ll most likely encounter in Cod boost:

  1. There’s no way out if you slam into someone.

You’ll collide with someone and have no choice but to murder or be killed. You never, ever aim down sights and out-aim your opponent. They will always have the first shot at you, and you will always lose. The only thing that works in this situation is to make your movement unpredictable by dropping to prone or jumping strafing.

  1. Self-explanatory drop to prone

Drop-to-prone should be self-explanatory, and you’ve probably seen it done on you. You take aim, begin shooting, and immediately fall to the ground. That way, they’ll have to track down to the bottom to finish the kill on you, but because the TTK in this game is so quick, they’ll wind up losing the fight because they’ll have to alter their aim while you don’t, giving you ample time to secure the kill.

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NOTE: crouching will nearly always convert your enemy’s shots from body shots to headshots.

Strafe leaping is a tough skill to perfect, but it can be learned with enough practice. The goal is to hop left or right and then start shooting. Knowing your movement offers you an advantage in the shooting because you know your travel path, whereas the enemy must react to your movement and aim accordingly, which can catch them off surprise most of the time.

  1. Choose your battles carefully.

Every combat necessitates the ability to “predict” what will occur. You must determine right now whether you will win or perish and then act appropriately. Disengage if you believe you’ll lose the fight because your opponent has a stronger gun or better positioning in that situation.

The spray is a philosophy you should avoid at all costs; everything should be calculated, and you should only engage in conflicts that you are confident you will win. If you believe you will lose the fight, run or hide for the time being, and wait for a better chance to present itself, it will!

Finally, some thoughts Modern Warfare Cod boosts relies heavily on mechanics, much like any other game; yet, in Modern Warfare 2019, being smart is also a key aspect.