Meridia Prescription Guide

Meridia Prescription Guide

What is Meridia used for?

Meridia should be used for overweight and a body mass index of at least 30. It is recommended that Meridia also be used by people with a BMI, at least 27 are at risk if high cholesterol, diabetes or blood pressure are used. Talk with your doctor to find out your BMI and if it is right or not to use the prescription Meridia.

How to use it?

Meridia should be taken by mouth and just as directed by your doctor. This usually includes a daily dose.It may take 4 to 6 weeks for the results to be displayed. Please do not increase the dose, take Meridia more often or use your prescription for longer than prescribed by a doctor; Meridia can be addictive. If you have taken Meridia for a long time, do not suddenly stop taking it without first checking with your doctor. As with many prescription drugs, Meridia can gradually decrease in effectiveness because your body develops tolerance for it. Talk with your doctor if you gain weight after you start taking your prescription. You take it before or after a meal.

Women of childbearing

Are there any side effects of Meridia?

Common side effects of Meridia include dry mouth, drowsiness, insomnia and constipation. If any of the effects persist for the first week (approximately) or worsen, tell your doctor as soon as possible. Read more about this warning here.Please do not give medicine to others. Your Meridia recipe should be taken in conjunction with a low calorie diet plan. In order to control possible side effects, pulse and blood pressure can be measured and used during laboratory tests.

Is it safe Meridia?

Tell your doctor about your complete medical history. This includes any information related to allergies (most importantly, drug allergies), liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, a history of stroke or seizures, high blood pressure, eating disorders (for example, anorexia), glaucoma or stones. gall bladder.

Limit or avoid alcohol because it can worsen certain side effects. Women of childbearing age should talk to your doctor about the use of any birth control pills Meridia. Unless you indicate otherwise, you should not use this medication during pregnancy. In addition, since there is a risk for babies not to breastfeed while taking sibutramina comprar. Elderly patients may experience higher levels of side effects. Please use caution.


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