Moldable Memory Foam Pillow for more comfort while sleeping

Normal or most of the memory foam pillows comes like solid single rectangular foam. However, when the pillow is fluffed, squashed, scrunched this pillow remained solid in its shape. This is considered a big disadvantage among many users as they cannot alter its shape to better accommodate their sleep style. Here comes a solution as shredded memory foam. As the name says, memory foam is torn into small pieces and is filled to form a pillow. This helps the pillow to be moldable and user can change it to any shape they desire for more comfort. Shredded memory foam pillows gives more comfort to side sleepers. Hence, the shredded memory foam pillow is the first choice for a user who sleep on their sides more than or their back or stomach.

Best memory foam pillow and its features:

There are huge variety of models in memory foam pillows available based on their size, shape, durability and the filling material. In order to pick a right pillow from this wide range of products one must give priority to his or her personal comforts.

Coop home goods make the best shredded memory foam pillow that is top rated in reviews than other competitors. The shredded memory foam pillow with viscose rayon cover derived from bamboo by coop home goods is one of the most popular pillows reviewed for comfort and support in the market today. It has a zipper to the outer luxurious cover which provides adjustability to the user in filling memory foam to his or her comfort. Inner material which is used for filling the pillow is the shredded viscoelastic foam or memory foam. The outer cover is made with high thread count of polyester and bamboo blend. It has 100 % CertiPure-US certified memory foam which is hypo allergic and dust mite resistant. It is a great pillow to the side sleepers as side sleepers are more vulnerable to neck and back pains due to the gap formed between the mattress and the neck. This makes neck hard to keep in aligned with spine.

This shredded memory foam pillow is thick and firm enough to support the neck by giving it soft comfort in all sleeping positions. The outer cover which is made with a blend of bamboo threads and polyester gives ultimate luxurious sleeping comfort with its soft, breathable and a cooling experience. Bamboo has natural anti-microbial properties, thus it is the best choice for people who suffers from allergies. This pillow is perfect for everyone young or old. It is a great pillow for pregnant women, as the shredded memory foam molds to their shape during pregnancy giving belly support and back support for a more comfortable sleep in any position. The shredded memory foam pillow by coop home goods helps people, who have leg pains, joint pains, disc problems, pressure on neck to get a good night’s sleep by alleviating pain. Most people reviewed about this as the best pillow that is soft enough to fall asleep fast. It is reasonably priced when compared with other brands.


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