Specialized packaging facilities for molten items

Specialized packaging facilities for molten items

Generally in the packaging industry, molten products are typically liquefied before they are packaged automatically by filling machinery. Candles and other wax products are a good example of molten products. Select equip for molten products are usually placed in use by the end-user and they usually come in the solid or same-solid form.

Liquefying products are usually placed in tubes, glass jars, and other plastic conditioners mainly for consumption. Liquefying products normally involve an increase in the temperature of particular products. Because of the increase in temperature particular modifications will be created in the different packaging machines.

Pre-filling packaging equipment

Pre-filling packaging may involve products like rinsing machinery, turntables, and other equipment for preparing a bottle for the process of packaging. It can take an uncommon project for these products to need modifications since carry out all their tasks in advance of product introduction. So, the machinery can operate any type of non-heated product.

select equip

Also, it would operate for any molten products. However, most of these items are packaged into exceptional containers like glue sticks and differently shaped candles. Traditional package equipment can be necessary to handle unique containers. But it is due to the size or shape of the container but not the nature of the molten product.

Filling Machine

Besides other packaging equipment, the filling machine is also affected by the products that are being run. As it’s already known about molten products, it requires heat in advance before filling. Not only it should attain a particular temperature range of temperature, but it should also remain at a certain temperature throughout the filling.

It therefore, means it should reach a certain temperature within a supply tank to maintain its temperature through the tubing, nozzles, fill the bar, and other elements of the pathway product. Therefore, in case the heat has not been maintained, product viscosity will change, which will cause issues with the liquid flow.

Conveyor System

The conveyor system is a typically used melt product line that differs in various ways from the system used in non-heated liquids. First, the belting itself can be a heat-resistant kind of belt that helps to prolong the system’s life and protect it against splashes and spills. Additionally, many packaging systems for molten items may also involve a cooling conveyor.

Post-cool and post-fill equipment

Packaging equipment that allows both cooling and filling of molten products varies greatly. Though, it almost includes the labeling and capping machine. Other select equip include packaging machinery, Coding machine, pallet wrappers, case tapers, and much more. Similar to pre-filling packaging equipment, once the molten item is cooled and filled, the notification is based on the truth that molten products are greatly unique. Also, the notifications are usually containers, packing, and bundling.


Similar to any other packaging project, the ideal molten product is determined by examining each dimension of the project, from products to caps, containers, production speed, labels, and much more.