Support tech and its levels

Support tech and its levels

The support that all organisations seek would right from infrastructure which includes hardware, software and the network itself. The services which can be three tier with the first one being capacity building as well as development. The next level may include interventions through learning experiences and training imparted to the user employees of the organisation who have sought the services. It also provides in building capacity. The third tier will involve interventions on an individual level as team support. All the levels need evaluation planning, provision and definitely implementation to resolve the issues. The technicians have to be well versedto the response time and find solutions and not allow the problem to escalate to the next level. Find all the support here.


How each level works

If the problem cannot be solved at the first level it is sent to the next leveland if the problem still isn’t solved it is sent to the third level to be resolved. As each level has a time limit which expires when the problem isn’t solved, and it reaches the next level. The first level would provide support for basic issues which could be through e-mail, chat etc. Here the symptoms are observed, and the problem is diagnosed. The next level a more detailed analysis is worked upon and methodical approach is taken for trouble shooting the problem. The high end support will be attended by the specialists and it may be one to one action that they will study deeply and find out the solutions that are available. If it requires a team, as the issue is big the work is prioritised and worked on and as already a lot of time has expired through the various levels of support it has received to the third level.Here you will need all the support can get.

There may be need to

  • Password reset
  • Support for websites
  • Doing a knowledge base search

The tech support may have a level four, which is hardly used as the level three specialists are able to deal the issue then and there and find a remedy.Before you seek support you may want to go to search engines which is also called pre support. Then you can take the help of knowledge base which can be considered self-service. Then the three levels of tech support come to your rescue. The need to check out if you really want to employ the tech support full time. The need to monitor the conversations that go out of your platform as the ecosystem has to maintained.