Welding- Joining the Two To One

Welding- Joining the Two To One

Welding is a process where two pieces of metal are joined together to form a homogeneous one. Unlike soldering and brazing welding process using extreme heat and sometimes other metals and gases to complete the process. This is a skilled job and needs a lot of training to be a good welder. The art of welding existed in the Iron and Bronze Age. Small gold boxes and lap joints exhibit of welding, Egyptians knew how to weld iron. Conventional welding started in the 19th century. Sir Humphry David using two carbon electrodes powered by battery produced an electric arc. Acetylene, a major component in oxyacetylene welding, was discovered by Edmund Davy in 1836. A Russian Nikolai Benardos pioneered the electric arc welding with carbon rods and patented it. From this point, the art of welding improved in leaps and bounds. More refined techniques for fast, accurate and effective welding came into play; robotic welding is the epitome of this transformation. Robotic welding is computer controlled, so it is more fast, accurate and effective than human hands and eradicates the flaw and errors.

Different types for different use

Mig welding is the easiest and entry-level welding. There are two types of mig welding one uses bare wire and second flux core. This type of welding is used for thin metals, and flux core can be used for the outdoor purpose as it does not require gas supply. These are comparatively inexpensive. Stick or Arc welding is the primitive type of welding using a stick electrode welding rod. Tig welding requires skill and technique which is also the most versatile form of welding. Plasma Arc welding is mainly used in the aerospace industry where metal thickness .015 inch. Laser beam welding is the most modern and extremely effective way of welding. Gas welding is the most portable form of welding using acetylene and oxygen. Finding the welders can be perplexing as there are so many varieties. If you are new to this trade and only an enthusiastic, you should invest in a moderate welding machine. A good quality mig welder is essential to learn the process. It should be able to handle any kind of metal with a variety of thickness as you experiment with your welding skill to master it. Best mig welders should be thermal overheat protection to ensure the efficiency of this machine. Noise-free operation enables you to concentrate on your welding job. You should choose a lightweight version for portability, so you pursue your passion any time anywhere.


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